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Design Assistance


Ever have trouble envisioning how one of our products might apply to your product or service. To help you through this sometimes overwhelming and time consuming concept phase, Pacific Graphics has samples of other similar products and applications to inspire new ideas, create conceptual proofs or assist your designers to help ensure the end product reflects the best qualities of your product or service.



We can layout your current design or create original artwork for you. We'll need to discuss your project with you , via e-mail or by phone. If you have your design completed and would like us to provide a Free quote, just e-mail and we will respond to your request usually within 24 hours.

Art Submission


Corel Draw or similar vector files such as EPS, AI (CS3 or earlier) and PDF's Please convert all text to outlines, paths or curves, this will eliminate the need for fonts. Paths make logos stable and less likely to change spacing. DO NOT embed imported images, link all imported images to the file. Digital artwork saved from photoshop or similar raster files such as TIFF, PSD or JPEG should be saved at 300 dpi at final sixe of printed image.

Film Preparation


Our in-house art department is fully equipped with the ability to reproduce the artwork you provide from design to film.


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